CUSTOM Universal Badge - Mount to Any Flat Surface
CUSTOM Universal Badge - Mount to Any Flat Surface
CUSTOM Universal Badge - Mount to Any Flat Surface

Ikonic Badges

CUSTOM Universal Badge - Mount to Any Flat Surface

Sale price$80.00USD

Stand out without breaking the bank! These brand new, precision cut badge from Ikonic Badges are sure to do the trick. These are FULLY CUSTOM badges that mount to any flat surface; we'll bring your vision to life! Please note, these are not meant to replace any specific badges or fit into any specific indent.

Place these badges on a tailgate, door, fender, window, or any other flat surface!

To get your custom badge made, simply fill out the options above. Please note, we cannot manufacture trademarked logos or names (E.g, the Ford® logo, the Super Duty® name or name of trim levels, NFL team logos, ect.)

Please have a clear idea in mind before purchasing; images that describe your vision really help. When uploading files, vectors are best.

Please note, we may not choose to take on your design, and therefore would fully refund your payment. It's nothing personal; it may be that your idea is too vague, that the image is trademarked, or that your image is too detailed to manufacture!

When choosing your custom design, please follow these guidelines:

- Choose an image or design that has clear, well defined lines and edges. For example, we cannot make a badge with a photo of your dog, but can make a badge with a pitbull clipart file.

- Choose an image or design that will look good in two (or three) colors. Images with too many colors will look blended together.

- Choose an image or design with a small to medium amount of detail. Tiny detailed or extreme complexity make not make it into your render.

- Please be sure of what you want before purchasing. Although you can get a refund at any time before approval, it really puts a strain on our hardworking designers if you cancel or change too many times. We offer revisions at no extra charge, but this doesn't include switching to a new idea altogether.

Your custom badge will feature:

  • Made from flawless matte or gloss black material
  • UV, weather and salt resistant
  • Comes with double sided automotive tape on the back for quick, secure mounting
  • 15 minute install

This item is ready to ship! Shipping is FREE, anywhere in the US or Canada. We pay ALL duties and taxes; no surprises upon delivery!

Please note, the design we make for you may or may not be added to our store or social media.

Customer Reviews

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Manuel Grafia

The custom design that was done for our company logo was awesome. Clean lines, sleek design and they followed our requests to the “T”. We couldn’t ask for a better product.