Most products ship out in 1-2 days! Shipping depends on location but USPS and UPS tend to be between 3 and 7 business days!

All of our color options can be found here.

At this time, we're only offering the items on our site. We do offer custom made badges for bulk orders over 10 however. Email if interested in a custom bulk order

Install takes 5 minutes on the majority of our universal products! LED products can take some time, and removal of your OEM badge can be tricky depending on the badge.

Please contact us if there is any issue with your order, preferably via email with photos! We don't allow regular returns (for example, if you change your mind or sell your vehicle), because all products are custom made to order, but we're happy to assist if we made a mistake on your badges.

Yes! Dealers/Clubs should email to learn more about our discounts.

We respect other company's intellectual property, and cannot use trademarked words on logos in our products. This includes brand names like Ford, Dodge, Mustang, and even trademarked trim names, like Platinum, Denali, Tradesman, ect. It also includes NFL logos, most Disney logos, clothing/brand logos, ect.

Q: What if my name is 'Jon Ford', can I get a 'Ford' badge?

A: Unfortunately, we still cannot create this badge for you, regardless if it's your last name, company name, ect. IP Law is clear on this matter, and exceptions cannot be made.

Yes! We offer international shipping to select countries with more being added all the time. However only U.S and Canada orders contain tracking.

Sponsorships are limited at this time, but we do occasionally offer them to hard working individuals willing to go the extra mile to help us grow. Email to submit an application!

All of our products are UV resistant and can withstand any climate from hot Californian sun to harsh Canadian winters. Our products can withstand salted and sanded roads. The majority of our products can be completely submerged in water, with the exception of LED RGB controllers.

Please ensure installation of VHB taped products occur when it's 50-75 degrees, dry and in the shade. Don't wash the area for 24 hours.

Absolutely! Please email us to learn more.

All of our products are manufactured in Detroit, Michigan or Windsor, Ontario, and use American or Canadian sourced materials and supplies wherever possible. None of our products are manufactured or assembled overseas. Check out our Tik Tok and Instagram accounts for some behind the scenes manufacturing videos!

LED colors can only be changed if 'RGB' is selected. RGB LED products come with a bluetooth enabled controller, allowing you to change the color from your smartphone.

Always install in mild temperatures (not too cold or too hot), on a cool, dry vehicle, on a relatively flat surface, and in the shade. Always dry-fit your product before removing your tape backing and protective packaging, to ensure you know how you want the badge to be mounted. Sometimes, using 'painters tape' to create placement lines can help.

Some products, including ovals and hood badges, come smaller than the original OEM badges due to the depth of the pockets. Don't worry if this is the case; when you remove your original badges you'll see the new ones fit snug in the pocket.

Licensed Products, Tailgate Appliques, Tailgate Seat Accent Kits, Full Color, Fob Overlays, Design/Upload your Own, Truck Skins, OEM Badges, and Gift Cards.

Run 12V power from your desired
power source (battery, 12V outlet, vehicle lighting, etc.) to your preferred location. Ensure the power source you choose is fused with a 2-amp fuse or lower.


For RGB LEDS: Ensure the
Bluetooth receiver is in a clean, dry location as it is the only portion of the system that is not water resistant. Connect the Bluetooth receiver to the RGB splitter. We recommend taping all connections so they do not come loose.


For Fender & Hood Badges:
Connect one RGB extension cord to each end of the splitter, and feed the extension cord to each badge.


Remove your old badges and clean the area where the product will sit with an alcohol pad, ensuring the surface where the badge will mount is free of oil, tape and dirt.

For Fender & Hood Badges:
Clean both inside the pocket and the flat area around the pocket with an alcohol pad


Connect the LED to your power
source and turn on BEFORE adhering to your vehicle. This will allow you to test the system, as well as ensure optimal placement of product.


Dry fit the product to ensure you
have the proper fit and there are no obstructions. Once you are satisfied with the location, remove the red protective tape on the back and firmly mount onto
your vehicle.

For Fender & Hood Badges: Dry
fit the LED strip to find the optimal location to limit hot-spots. Remove the red protective tape on the back of the strip and firmly place the LED onto the inside of the pocket. Dry fit the badges and once satisfied, remove the red
protective layer on the tape from the back and firmly place the badge on the edge of the pocket to install.


Important Notes: Do not install
in temperatures below 65 degrees or above 85 degrees, in direct sunlight or while it's raining. Do not expose taped badges to water for 24 hours.

Hand wash only recommended. Professional installation is recommended.

Offroad use only. Always abide by your local and state laws. Never work with a live power source.
Use of a power source other than a 12V 2-amp fused power source can result in
fire or vehicle damage.

Ikonic Badges is not responsible for improper use or

Ikonic Badges takes pride in introducing our latest array of products designed to elevate both the performance and aesthetics of your vehicle without breaking the bank. The Ikonic Badges Select Line is a selection of top-notch products meticulously sourced from international suppliers by our team. Each component undergoes rigorous quality assessments, ensuring impeccable fit, exceptional durability, and reliable performance. While these products aren't crafted in-house, rest assured that our commitment to quality remains unwavering.We maintain direct partnerships with our trusted manufacturers across the globe, enabling us to bring you outstanding parts at budget-friendly prices. To provide you with added peace of mind, we back these enhancements with 6 month limited warranty for the original purchaser. Furthermore, our dedicated, North American based customer service team is always ready to assist you, ensuring a seamless experience.